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If you’re looking for the perfect way to turn heads this October, why not add a pair of spooky Halloween contacts to your outfit? There’s no better way to create an authentic look, no matter what type of costume you’re planning to wear than by making sure your eyes really capture the essence of the character.
Whether you’re planning to be a witch, a werewolf, a demon, or even a character from a well-known TV show or movie, you’ll find it much easier to make your appearance more genuine if you pop in a pair of colored contacts this Halloween.
When you’re choosing the right lenses for you, you might find that circle contacts are the way to go. These stylish lenses can create a dramatic effect for your eyes and really attract attention for all the right reasons. Available in a choice of exciting colors and styles, they can put the ideal finishing touch to a wide variety of costumes and outfits, helping you to create a stir whether you’re trick or treating or attending a party.
What’s The Difference Between Colored Contacts For Halloween And Circle Contacts?
Both circle contacts and colored contacts for Halloween have one thing in common – they are colorful and have an impressive effect on the eyes. However, it’s the effect on the eyes that differs between the two types. While colored contacts can come in either vibrant or muted, more natural shades and look more like natural pupils and irises, circle lenses feature black rims around the irises to make the eyes look much bigger and more dramatic than they would normally appear. Colored contacts can give you a whole new color for your eyes, but they can’t give the enlarged effect as they don’t usually have a black rim.

Choosing The Right Circle Contacts For Me
If you’re ready to choose circle contact lenses to accompany your Halloween costume this year, you need to know how to go about picking the right ones. There are so many different colors and styles on the market that it can be difficult to narrow them down. So, here is a quick reference guide to point you in the right direction when it comes to picking circle contacts to take your outfit to a whole new level of spookiness.
Desired Effect
The first consideration you should keep in mind is the effect you want to achieve by wearing your Halloween contacts. Are you trying to create a more natural but enhanced look? Or ae you trying to make a bold and dramatic statement? We have circle lenses in our range to suit both of these purposes, from natural-looking blues and hazels to vibrant greens and violets. You can even find circle lenses that feature patterns for an even more unusual look, such as the starburst or spin lenses that make the color of the eye pop even more and ensure that your best features really stand out.
Your Costume
What kind of costume are you planning to wear this Halloween? You’ll need to select the right color and style of contacts to match. For example, if you’re planning to go to your costume party as a witch, you may find a pair of mysterious green circle contacts the perfect choice. Whereas if you’re considering a more demonic look, a pair of black contacts for Halloween could be a better option.

Length Of Time
If you only need a pair of Halloween contacts for one night, either for trick or treating or for a themed party or event, a one use only pair of lenses will suffice for you. However, many people like to have the option to wear their lenses again and again, especially if they enjoy cosplay, attend a lot of conventions of fancy dress events, or simply enjoy mixing things up by enhancing their eyes on a daily basis! If so, you need to choose a pair of longer-lasting lenses such as the 90 day or 12 month options. This will give you the opportunity to make the most of your colored contacts for Halloween for many weeks and months to come!

Will Circle Lenses Work On All Eye Colors?
The great thing about circle lenses is that they’re suitable for use on all eye colors, even if yours are naturally a very dark brown. This is because we only stock contacts that have been made using highly vibrant and extremely rich color pigments to enhance your eyes and give you even better color coverage even with the darkest of natural irises.
Whether you’re looking for green, brown, yellow, blue, or red contacts at Halloween, you’ll have no problem choosing a pair that will effectively cover your original eye color and help you to take your costume to an exciting new level.
Are Circle Lenses Comfortable To Wear?
Whatever type of circle contacts you choose from our impressive range to pair with your Halloween costume this year, you can be 100% convinced that they’ll be incredibly comfortable to wear. Nobody wants to spend their whole night scratching their eyes or coping with pain, so the lenses in our range are designed for supreme softness. Thanks to their higher water content they’ll keep your eyes fully hydrated all night long.
When you buy Halloween contacts from us you’ll find that they’re not only easy to wear, they’re also simply to store and clean too. Our circle contacts can even be worn by first-time lenses wearers since they come with user-friendly instructions. Also, because they’re non-prescription lenses you can wear them confidently without worrying about your vision being affected.
Not every pair of circle contact lenses that you can purchase over the internet are as comfortable or as safe to wear as the ones you’ll find in our online store. That’s why we recommend that you only choose lenses that are sold by reputable suppliers like Spooky Eyes so you can rest assured you won’t risk your eyesight while rocking your amazing look this spooky season.