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Crazy and scary, our white out contact lenses are the perfect way to create that Zombie look. White contact lenses completely cover your natural eye color and give you allwhite eyes that look zombified and shocking. White out contacts are ideal for Halloween costumes and they put you at the center of attention wherever you go. Spooky Eyes offer a massive range of Halloween Contacts including white contact lenses in different designs, as well as Vampire Contacts, Werewolf Contacts and beautiful colored contact lenses..
A common question asked by those who are considering buying a pair of white Halloween contact lenses is whether or not they’re really safe to wear. The good news is that, yes, if you buy your Halloween lenses from a reputable supplier, you can have complete confidence in the safety of your eyes and vision when you’re out terrifying people on 31st October.
When you purchase from Spooky Eyes, you can have peace of mind that all of the lenses that we stock are of the highest quality and are FDA approved for wear.
We supply our lenses in packaging which is sterile and all of the products we stock made according to the EU Cosmetics Directive and have International Standards of quality control from ISO. With a high water content, our lenses are also incredibly comfortable to wear, so you won’t have painful, itching or sore eyes while you’re enjoying all the spooky fun this Halloween.

Are White Contact Lenses Safe?
Halloween is the time of year when you can really pull out all the stops and unleash your scary inner self! Whether you’re trick or treating in your local neighborhood, heading out with your friends to a club or event, or going to a Halloween party, choosing the right costume is paramount – after all, how many other times during the year do you get to pretend to be a demon, witch or ghoul and terrify everyone in sight!
Part of choosing the right Halloween outfit is picking the right finishing touches. If you’re wanting to turn heads for all the right reasons you want to be authentic right down to the very last detail – you’ve got the shoes, the wig, the makeup…. What about the eyes?
Halloween contacts are the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Whatever you’re dressing up as this spooky season you’re sure to find colored contacts for Halloween that help you to rock the look and really scare everyone around you.
However, if you’re wanting to create the most horrifying look of all, white out contacts could be the way to go. White contacts for Halloween are becoming increasingly popular these days now that modern technology has created lenses that work with all colors of eye. White out lenses completely obscure the color in your iris giving you a zombie like dead eyed look that is truly terrifying – what better way to celebrate 31 st October?

What Are White Out Lenses?
White contacts for Halloween are lenses that have a white circle where the colored iris would normally be. So, for example, if you were buying red contacts for Halloween the lenses would have a red circle to cover your eye’s natural iris color. White out lenses have a white circle instead to create an otherworldly, unnatural appearance to the eye. This is because only the pupil can be seen with the iris appearing to merge with the white of the eye.
Different Types Of White Out Lenses
There are various types of white out lens available for you to pick from so it couldn’t be easier to find the ideal pair of Halloween contacts to work with your chosen outfit. Whether you’re trying to create a zombie-like look, a ghostly appearance or a Saw-inspired horror look, you’ll find white contacts for Halloween to meet your needs.
If you’re looking for a blank white stare a pair of white out lenses will fit the bill. Without any definition between the iris and the white of the eye they allow both to blend together with only the pupil visible which ensures the scariest possible look.
Or what about a pair of white Manson lenses with a black ring around the white iris to add more definition and emphasize the eye?
You could even opt for one of the more unusual white out lenses – for example a UV white contact lens which glows under UV light in a club or at a festival? Alternatively, you could harness your inner spider with a pair of white web patterned lenses, or choose a pair of Saw inspired white lenses with a blood red ring around the white iris.

You could even make your pupils look even bigger for a wide eyed look by opting for a pair of white and black ring lenses or go for a full zombie look with a pair of white and black mini sclera lenses that cover most of the entire eye leaving only a small amount of white visible.
There’s no end of exciting and scary looks you can create with a pair of white contacts for Halloween, so you can truly unleash your terrifying side and go all-out with your costume for trick or treating this year – you’re sure to be noticed!

How Do White Out Lenses Work?
White out lenses work by covering the colored iris of the eye. By using a strong white pigment, the lens can completely obscure the green, gray, blue, brown or hazel of your natural eye color leaving only the black pupil visible. This makes the eye look like it only has a small pupil with no actual eye color to see. It creates a zombie-like look that is eerie and unnerving.
Some white out lenses have rings around the outer edge of the white iris to give it more definition while others cover more of the pupil for a more wide-eyed cartoonish look. If you opt for a mini sclera white out lens it will cover not only the pupil and iris but also some of the white of the eye too which makes your eye appear much larger and unnatural.
Will White Out Lenses Work On All Eye Colors?
If you’re considering buying white contacts for Halloween you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth your while if your natural eye color is dark. After all, white is a light shade, so it seems impossible that such a pale color could possibly work over dark brown eyes. Yet you’ll be surprised to discover that no matter how dark your irises, white out lenses will completely obscure them as they are made using a strong white pigment that is powerful enough to mask out even very dark eyes.
Are White Out Contact Lenses Comfortable To Wear?
If you’ve never worn contact lenses before you may find that your Halloween contacts are a little tricky to put in and take out at first but with a little practice you’ll have no difficulties and will find them surprisingly comfortable to wear all night. The lenses that we sell are soft and have a high content of water to keep your eyes hydrated so they won’t itch or be painful.
When you purchase white out lenses from Spooky Eyes you can be certain that they are completely safe for you to wear. We only stock products that are safety approved by well-known and recognized bodies so they harm your vision no matter what you decide to dress up as this spooky season!