The Most Popular Colored Contact Lenses for Cosplayers

The Most Popular Colored Contact Lenses for Cosplayers


Cosplay is the genre of dress up in which enthusiasts will wear outfits to look like their most beloved characters from anime, manga, video games, films and tv shows. These enthusiasts will aim to completely transform themselves into these characters. The use of colored contacts is often utilised to enhance a cosplay look and add realism to a character. The following article aims to explore the cosplay genre and give some tips for choosing the best colored contacts for your cosplay character.


The Most Popular Colored Contact Lenses for Cosplayers:

  1. Mismatched Eyes – Heterochromia: Make your colored contact lense look stand out as particularly unique by using a different color of contact lens in each eye. Heterochromia is the medical term for this condition, in which each eye is a different color. It is rare but with colored contact lenses you can replicate this look with cosmetic contact lenses. Add an extraordinary flair to your cosplay character by using this technique. Well known anime character Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia has one eye gray and the other bright blue, due to his 50/50 fire quirk and ice quirk powers he inherited from their mother and father respectively. Wether you decide to cosplay a anime character or a mystical character from another realm our colored contact lenses are sure to give you a captivating and alluring look.
  2. Vivid Tones – Gem Colored Contact Lenses: Gem stone colored contact lenses exude a certain allure only found in gemstones themselves. These contacts can be perfect for replicating the look of a regal character or a mystical character, such as a sorcerer. With gem stone colors like emerald, sapphire and amethyst you will be able to match the perfect color with your cosplay character.
  3. Eerie look – Full Eye Sclera Color Contact Lenses: If you are looking for colored contacts to shock and horrify then sclera lenses are going to be your best bet. These lenses give a true outer worldly look, perfect for a scary cosplay character. Sclera lenses come in either full eye cover or part eye cover also known as mini scleras. 
  4. Fantasy Character Contact Lenses: Get an enchanting look with these Fantasy cosplay lenses. These Lenses are perfect for embracing a magical and fairytale cosplay character. With intricate patterns these lenses can replicate the looks of mythical creatures like fairies, mermaids and elves.
  5. Cat Eye Contact Lenses: Unleash your inner animal with these cat eye lenses. These lenses have an elongated pupil just like those of a cat. Giving the wearer of these lenses a mesmerising feline look. Get these lenses for the perfect cat cosplay or feline character like an iconic anime catgirl. Available in an assortment of colors, including blue, green, yellow and red.
  6. Anime Cosplay – Sharingan Naruto Contact Lenses: Become an Anime character from Naruto with our eye-catching Sharingan contact lenses. These contacts were inspired by the eyes of the iconic character Naruto Uzmaki and other characters from the shinobi video game series. The Sharingan lenses feature red and black pattern colors in the same fashion as the characters wielding super abilities. These contact lenses are perfect for those looking to cosplay Naruto or other characters from this series.
  7. Supernatural UV-Glow Colored Contact Lenses: Make a statement at your next cosplay event with some dazzling supernatural UV glow colored contact lenses. These lenses glow under UV light showing a neon effect. These lenses are perfect for playing a supernatural character, futuristic or cyberpunk cosplay. Give your eyes a vibrant glow and be the centre of attention wherever you are.
  8. Eye Enlargement – Circle Contact Lenses: If you are going for a doll cosplay look, these circle lenses are going to be the ones for you. With enhanced iris size these lenses create an innocent and charming look that is seen in many anime characters. Ideal for portraying characters with a wide eyed gaze and lovable characteristics, these lenses will make great accessories for cosplayers aspiring this look.
  9. Vampire lenses – Twilight and Blood Red Colored Lenses: Embody the undead with these vampiric lenses. Cosplayers looking to take on vampire cosplay characters will need these lenses. As they will allow the cosplayers to replicate the dark and hypnotic allure of their vampiric character.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s address some common questions regarding the most popular colored contact lenses used by cosplayers:

Q: How do I choose the right colored contact lenses for my cosplay?

A: Consider the character’s eye color, personality, and the overall theme of your cosplay. Opt for lenses that accentuate the characters traits.

Q: Are colored contact lenses safe to wear for cosplaying events?

A: Yes, colored contact lenses from brands such as Spookyeyes.com are safe to wear as they have been rigorously tested and are FDA approved, but always follow proper hygiene practices and consult an eye care professional if you have any concerns.

Q: Can I wear colored contact lenses if I have prescription glasses?

A: Yes, some brands offer colored contact lenses with prescription options. Consult your eye care professional to find lenses that suit your vision needs.

Q: How can I maintain and store my colored contact lenses properly?

A: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing your colored contact lenses in a clean contact lens case with fresh solution.