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Rave on with our UV contact lenses. Perfect for all situations but they particularly come to life, just like you, under the UV lights at clubs, parties and festivals. 

Finding the perfect Halloween contacts can be more challenging than you imagined, especially if you’re keen to try something completely different this year and turn heads while you party the night away. When it comes to colored contacts Halloween is certainly the perfect time to try them out for the first time, but what if you want to create an even more dramatic look to accompany your spooky costume?
UV lenses are the ideal solution. Designed to come to life under UV lighting, they’re perfect for wear to clubs and parties as they’ll get you truly noticed under the lights. Because of their truly spooky look they’re the ideal choice for Halloween, working perfectly with all types of costume from scary cats and witches to demons and reptiles.
What Are UV Lenses?
UV lenses look like regular colored contacts during the day, but when the black light comes out they suddenly take on a whole new lease of life. They suddenly start to glow, and this makes them a bold and vibrant option if you’re heading to a party or club where you’ll be dancing the night away. This makes UV lenses a brilliant dual-function choice.
If you’re keen to simply ring the changes and try a whole new eye color for everyday wear, these lenses are perfect – they come in a choice of shades, some natural, some vibrant, that look like standard contacts in normal daylight. However, as soon as they’re under UV lighting they reveal their true selves!
Different Styles Of UV Lenses
UV lenses are available in a few different styles and types. While most colors are available in standard round pupil styles, there are also some shades that are available in “cat eye” designs. These can give you a feline or reptilian appearance, narrowing the pupil and giving it an elongated appearance that is especially eye-catching.
There are also UV lenses that feature patterns that give an otherworldly look, such as wolf, dragon and demon eyes. Again, these are ideal Halloween contacts since they can add an authentic look to an unusual costume.

Which Color UV Lenses Are Available?
As you might imagine, the entire point of wearing UV colored contacts for Halloween is to make a bold statement, so it isn’t surprising that most UV contacts come in bright and vibrant shades. While some are the same color as natural eyes – for example green or blue – they tend to be brighter and more piercing than natural tones.
There are also many UV contacts to pick from that are in colors that cannot usually be seen in natural eyes – for example pink, white, orange, red and yellow. With such an array of options, it’s never been easier to select colored lenses that work perfectly with your chosen Halloween costume. Perhaps you’re heading to your party as a cat? Then the yellow or green cat eye lenses are a perfect choice. Maybe you’re trick or treating in a demon outfit? Then the UV red contacts for Halloween are ideal. Or how about wearing a pair of white contacts for Halloween with UV effects to give your zombie costume its perfect finishing touch?

If you’re partying as a werewolf this October a pair of orange wolf UV lenses will fit the bill, while if you’re thinking of making your witch outfit even more horrifying, some spooky green or blue lenses could be what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’d like to add a spooky but feminine touch to your fancy dress? Violet or pink UV lenses are perfect!

How Do UV Lenses Work?
UV lenses are surprisingly easy to use. Even if you’ve never worn contacts before, with a little practice you should find it quite simple to pop them into your eyes and remove them just as easily. There are user friendly instructions provided with each pair so you won’t make a mistake.
Once you’ve fitted the UV lenses into your eyes they will cover up the pupils and irises to give your eyes a completely different color. In normal daylight, you’ll just look like you have bright blue, green, yellow, red or other colored eyes, but when you step under UV lights they’ll immediately begin to light up and glow making you the star of the dance floor. If you’re keen to make a bold statement this Halloween season there’s no better way to do it than by wearing UV lenses to your party or event.
Will UV Lenses Work On All Eye Colors?
The best thing about UV lenses is that they’re designed to work no matter what color eyes you naturally have. Even if you have very dark brown eyes naturally, you’ll find that our colored contacts for Halloween will cover their shade completely and give you a fresh new spooky look.
Even light colored lenses such as our yellow and white contacts for Halloween contain a rich and vibrant pigment which is strong enough to counteract and cover the natural pigment of your own iris so you needn’t worry about ruining your look with your own eye color showing through.
Are UV Contact Lenses Comfortable To Wear?
Once you’ve got used to putting in your UV contact lenses and taking them back out again you’ll find that they’re actually quite comfortable to wear all night long. That’s because we only stock contact lenses that are soft and contain a high water content to keep the eyes properly hydrated for hours.
When you purchase UV contact lenses from Spooky Eyes you can also be confident that they are entirely safe for wear. Not every pair of online-bought contact lenses have been designed with your safety in mind, but since preserving and protecting your eyesight is important we only stock products that have been approved for safety by recognized bodies so that they won’t harm you vision when you’re wearing them. It’s never been easier or safer to rock a scary UV look this Halloween so start shopping for your Halloween contacts now!