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Our massive range of crazy white contact lenses always make a statement. Our white colored contact lenses can be used for almost any kind of scary costume including vampire, zombie, blind look and superhero Halloween costumes. Our white contacts offer great coverage for all eye colors. Our colored contacts are FDA approved and very comfortable to wear due to their high 38% water content. We also have a great range of devil red contacts, cat eye contacts and glow in the dark contacts.
Our massive range of crazy white contact lenses are guaranteed to make a statement, whatever the time of year. These versatile lenses work with a variety of costumes and themes, so unlike other colors, you can be assured that your new white contacts will complement a whole host of looks. Our white colored contact lenses can be used for almost any style of scary costume including Vampire, Zombie, Witch, Blind-look and a variety of superhero’s, the only limit is your imagination, what type of creature will you be?
White contact lenses are instantly shocking, they are our most popular contact lenses as they come in such a variety of design options. You will find it easy to mirror the look of hundreds of famous horror film characters through choosing some spooky white contacts for that scary eyed look. Get that possessed look with white eyes like Regan from The Exorcist, or get a haunted glare like those undead characters from classics like The Night of the Living Dead horrors. White lenses are a must-have for undead zombie costumes like the undead from 28 Days Later films or Walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead! If you want to level-up select a pair of white UV lenses which glow under black light! These bad boys will make sure that you stand out on Thriller night or any night, whether you are dancing along to ‘The Monster Mash’ or getting down to our favorite ‘The Freaks Come out at Night”. White contact lenses will make your look pop on any night of the year.
Get the look of your favourite horror movie characters by adding a pair of stand-out Halloween Colored Contacts to get your freak on this year. We offer an incredible range of high-quality White Contacts that will enhance your freaky look; your white lenses are guaranteed to take your terrifying look to the next level! Our high-quality Halloween Contacts all feature a high-water content to ensure that your eyes are comfortable all night through. If you are looking for ideas for this year’s costume check out our Gallery and Inspiration pages for some awesome costume designs.
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