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Get ready to howl at the moon with our werewolf contact lenses! These werewolf eye contacts make it easy to create a truly scary werewolf costume from twilight werewolf to glowing UV werewolf eyes. They are ideal for Halloween and can also worn with lots of other costumes. Our Werewolf Contacts are FDA approved and are very comfortable to wear due to their high 38% water content. We also have a great choice of cosplay contact lenses and Halloween contacts that give you lots of options for your scary werewolf costume.

With Halloween on the horizon, it’s only natural for our thoughts to turn to spooky costumes and terrifying outfits that are designed for the terrors of trick or treating around the neighborhood. No Halloween look would be complete at this time of year without the perfect finishing touch, and that’s a pair of scary lenses in the color of your choice to give your eyes a whole new appearance.
It’s fair to say that with colored contacts Halloween is complete, and what could be a better way to complete your werewolf costume than with a pair of matching wolfy eyes?
We stock a huge choice of werewolf-style lenses that are perfect for wearing this Halloween, so check out our impressive range and you’re sure to find something that works wonderfully for you.
How Do Werewolf Halloween Contact Lenses Work?
Werewolf Halloween contacts come in a range of colors – after all, nobody really knows what color a werewolf’s eyes are do they? We stock werewolf contacts in yellow, orange, blue, green and white so that you can take your spooky costume to a brand new level of terror!
Our Halloween contacts all work in the same way – by featuring an opaque color tint that masks the iris’s natural color. When you put them into your eye, the iris is completely covered up, changing your eye color completely. Meanwhile, the pupil stays uncovered so you can still see perfectly.

Why Wear Werewolf Contacts At Halloween?
We all know that the Halloween season is all about being scary and spooky, and what could be more terrifying than looking up into a pair of werewolf eyes?
Whether you’re planning on hosting a haunted house for the neighborhood kids, whether you’re going to a party in fancy dress, or whether you’re just going out trick or treating with your friends, you’ll find that a pair of our werewolf Halloween contacts is the ideal way to complete your outfit on the big day.
Whether you opt for a pair of yellow, orange, blue or green lenses, you can be sure you’ll create a look that is heart-stoppingly scary.
Choose The Right Werewolf Lenses For You
Virtually every werewolf movie and story has set up its own idea of what a werewolf looks like, so you’ve got a whole lot of options when it comes to putting the final touch to your Halloween costume. We’ve got werewolf Halloween lenses in a host of styles and colors that are sure to creep your friends out to the max!
Why not channel your inner Jacob Black with a pair of yellow Twilight wolf lenses? Or go for a lunar eclipse look with white and black lenses? Essentially, there’s a look for every kind of wolf, so unleash the animal inside yourself and howl at the moon!

What Should I Know About Werewolf Colored Halloween Contacts?
Perhaps the most important detail you’re going to need to know when you buy a pair of werewolf style colored Halloween contacts is whether or not they’re going to impact on your vision after you’ve put them in.
Sure, you might look great, but you aren’t going to have much fun trick or treating if you’re tripping over everything because you can’t see! The good news is that all of the werewolf Halloween contacts that we stock are designed to allow you a complete range of vision after you pop them in.
The lenses come with a space over the pupil that is clear, so you won’t suffer from any obscured vision. Even our sclera lenses will enable you to see clearly – although they may appear to cover the whole eye, you will still have a clear patch over the center of the pupil so that you can enjoy 20:20 vision while wearing your costume.

Will Werewolf Halloween Contact Lenses Work With Dark Eyes?
Some of the werewolf Halloween contacts that we sell come in lighter colors – for example yellow and white. So it isn’t too surprising that many of our customers worry that they won’t work with their natural iris color, especially if they have dark brown eyes.
There’s no need for concern, though. In fact, all of the contacts that we sell use an opaque, strong pigment in the part that covers the iris so that even if you have naturally very dark eyes the lenses will still change their color completely, whichever of our lenses you choose.
That means you can opt for a pair of yellow or white colored Halloween contacts and still enjoy a perfect look.
Other Uses For Werewolf Contact Lenses
Of course our werewolf colored Halloween lenses are a great choice if you’re looking for a way of creating a Halloween costume that’s truly going to impress and terrify, but they can be used for a wide variety of other things too.
One of the most popular uses of our werewolf Halloween contacts is for cosplaying purposes. For example, if you’re attending a Twilight convention or party as one of the werewolves, you’ll find our Twilight-inspired lenses a perfect choice for you.
Another popular use of our werewolf colored lenses is for people who are appearing on stage or in a film and who need to create the look of a werewolf quickly and conveniently without any lasting effects.
Our contacts can help you to achieve a wolfish look in minutes, producing an authentic looking result which will take your production to the next level of authenticity.
We also find that a lot of people choose to wear our colored contacts on a daily basis as a way of expressing their personality and unique flair. After all, there’s no better way to get a striking, edgy look to complete any outfit.
When you need a kooky, unusual look that really turns heads and attracts attention for all the right reasons you can be sure that you’ll hit the spot with a pair of our werewolf inspired colored contacts.