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How Do White Halloween Contacts Work?
Just like other special effect contact lenses, white halloween contacts have a non-transparent (opaque) tint which completely masks the natural color of the eye. In many cases, the lens’ center is clear and lies over the pupil itself, allowing the wearer to enjoy a normal field of vision when wearing their contacts.
Most white Halloween lenses cover only the iris, or the colored part of the eye, however some also cover the white (or sclera) of the eye too and this gives an even more haunting appearance that makes them ideal for any Halloween party.
Why Wear Contacts At Halloween?
Do you want everyone to look at you this Halloween? Do you want to shock, scare and thrill? Put in a pair of white Halloween contact lenses and you can be sure you’ll achieve your goals! White contacts really are a heart-stopping choice – you might even end up freaking yourself out when you look in the mirror! You’ll certainly be the freakiest and creepiest character at any party, and with a pair of white out lenses in your eyes, your costume will hit the spot.
Contact lenses help to transform you into the creature of your nightmares. Whether you’re opting for a haunting ghostly look, a deadly vampire or an undead zombie, a pair of lenses will help you unleash your inner creativity and help you to have even more fun this scary season!
Unnerve Your Neighbors
A white lens makes a surprising amount of difference to any Halloween look. If a blank look is the perfect complement to your ensemble, white Halloween lenses are the ideal solution, and will ensure you’re noticed for all the right reasons whether you’re at a party, opening up your haunted house or just trick or treating. When you need to put together the scariest costume of them all, you won’t fail to impress with white contacts.
Choosing The Right White Lenses For You
So, are you ready to get out there and terrify your neighbors with your authentic costume this Halloween? Then it’s definitely time for you to invest in a pair of stunning white contact lenses. Whether you’re going to the party as a ghost, demon, zombie, cat, superhero or werewolf, we’re confident that there will be the perfect pair of Halloween contacts in our extensive collection to suit your style.
Check out our range today and get all the inspiration you need to create the perfect spooky costume to horrify and impress in equal measure!

A Host Of Looks
You might be surprised to discover that there are lots of different styles of white contact lens to choose from. There’s no such thing as a single white colored lens – from snow cat’s eyes to white out lenses and from spider contacts to lizard lenses, there’s a look to suit every costume. When looking freaky, spooky and awesome is your goal you’ll love to check out our huge range of options.
Get The Ghostly Glare
Spectral beings are ideal candidates for a pair of white Halloween contact lenses. You can get a true ghostly glare with a pair of spooky white contacts that give you an other-worldly look. They’re a great addition to even the simplest costume, taking it to a new level of creepiness.
Want to try something really special? Why not choose a pair of UV white lenses that glow eerily under black light? It’s a great way to stand out while you’re strutting your stuff on the floor!
Beware The Living Dead
The zombie Halloween trend is still going strong, and undead costumes are more popular than they’ve ever been. Don’t become yet another walker in the crowd – with our white lenses or specialist zombie lenses, you’ll impress and scare in equal measure!
White contact lenses work perfectly with all kinds of zombie makeup, from the most extreme to the simple, so you can create the perfect look for the occasion.

The Kiss Of Death
Vampires have long been a staple of the Halloween season, and with the emergence of TV series like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries as well as movies like the Twilight series, it’s no wonder that more people are keen to take this once a year opportunity to indulge their blood-sucking fantasies!
What better way to complete you terrifying vampire costume than with a pair of plain white or blood rimmed lenses that will have everyone you meet looking twice!
Call In The Exorcist!
The Exorcist remains one of the most iconic Halloween movies of all time, and now it’s time to take possession of your own look with a pair of contact lenses that help you look just like Regan in this famous classic.
White contacts give you a blanked out look that is pretty terrifying – you’ll be amazed at just how disturbing it can be to have no colored iris! You’ll be freaking out your friends, family and neighbors this October 31st!
Rock The Super Hero Look
Perhaps you’d rather thrill than scare this Halloween? If so, it could be the year to try out the super hero look. With the Marvel Universe in full swing, there’s never been a better time to rock a hero costume, and for all you ladies out there, what could be better than copying the look of Storm – famous X-Men star and controller of the weather? A pair of white contact lenses will complement the hair and costume for an authentic look that you’ll love.
What Should I Know About White Contacts?
One of the factors that you’ll need to bear in mind when choosing white contact lenses to complement your Halloween costume is the range of vision that you’ll have when you’re wearing them. A common question posed by potential buyers is whether or not they’re going to be able to see through their lenses and in general, the answer is yes.
White block contact lenses can easily be seen through. The center of the lens has a clear space in front of your pupil, so you won’t have any difficulty seeing where you’re going as you go trick or treating from house to house! Any pair of white contacts that have a pupil will give you complete vision just as any other pair of contact lenses would.
You might also want to take extra care if you’re choosing a pair of contact lenses which have some ink overlapping the pupil area. These too can slightly obstruct your vision although they look pretty spectacular, so you should be careful about participating in any activities which require you to be able to see clearly. Please note, due to FDA regulations, we are no longer able to stock white mesh contact lenses. If you see a supplier selling white mesh lenses, these are not approved by the FDA.

Devil In The Detail
Devils and demons are always among the most popular Halloween costumes that you’ll see on the streets every October, and while at one time a simple mask and plastic pitchfork would suffice, these days we’re more prepared to go all-out with our spooky looks.
Yet, even the most basic demon costume can be taken to a whole new level of terror when you invest in a pair of demon white contact lenses. With a white background and ragged blood edging, they look truly petrifying and are sure to strike terror into the hearts of your trick or treaters!
Animal Magnetism
There’s nothing to say that you need to keep your human form this Halloween! Why not channel your inner spirit animal and take the shape of a cat or lizard this year? With a pair of white snow cat eyes, you’ll look stunning yet scary – especially if you opt for a UV pair that glows spookily under black light.
With a pair of white lizard eyes, you’re sure to have everyone looking your way, and you can opt for any number of crazy styles from reptilian to alien!
An Ancient Evil
For decades, trick or treaters have been wrapping themselves up in bandages and heading to Halloween parties as Egyptian mummies. Now, you can make that age-old costume even more realistic with a pair of stitched white contact lenses.
The ideal addition to this classic style, these scary colored contacts don’t just work well with a mummy costume, they’re the perfect complement to a Frankenstein, zombie or even Corpse Bride look.

Our Array Of Options
Have you been planning your Halloween costume for months? Or perhaps you’re looking for a little inspiration now that October is just around the corner? Hopefully, we’ve already given you some creative ideas for this year’s look, but just to make it easier for you to put your final finishes touches to your spooky style we’re going to give you a complete run-down on all the different white contact lens options that you can choose from.
White Out Contact Lenses
Perhaps the most iconic and simple white colored lenses are those which are pure white and which transform the visual appearance of your iris. With strong white pigmentation they can even disguise the natural appearance of brown eyes, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to go all-out with their Halloween look.

UV White Lenses
Some of the coolest lenses on the market today are white UV lenses. Designed with either a white iris and regular pupil or with a cats’ eye design, these contacts look fantastic at any time, but really come into their own when they’re exposed to black light – your eyes will glow in a truly eerie manner that is completely in keeping with this terrifying time of year!
Can White Halloween Contact Lenses Be Worn I Have Brown Eyes?
Some people with brown eyes want to wear a pair of white out lenses but they’re worried that their natural eye color is too dark to carry off the look. There’s no need to worry, however. The white contacts in our range are opaque with a block color design. With a rich white pigment, they give optimal coverage even when you have very dark-colored eyes. Rest assured that you won’t have to limit your style just because of your eye color!

Animal Lenses
Whether you’re channeling your inner cat, lizard, spider or werewolf this Halloween, you’ll find some amazing animal-inspired white contact lenses in our comprehensive range. From cobweb patterned eyes and classic cat eyes to reptilian lenses and lunar eclipse contacts that make you look as if you should be howling at the moon, there’s no shortage of exciting looks that you can create.
Novelty White Lenses
If you’ve got a specific look in mind, you can be sure that you’ll find a pair of white colored contact lenses that are the ideal accompaniment. There are many different novelty lenses white have a white iris base and decorative touches to add even more spookiness to your look.
From Saw lenses and demon lenses with their red ringed rims to crazy but cute lenses with black cat-shaped pupils, you’re sure to be impressed by the wealth of options we can offer. Stitched lenses, Yin Yang contacts, target patterned eyes and black rimmed iris Manson lenses are all wonderful additions to a creative and freaky Halloween style.
You could even choose a pair of ring black and white contact lenses which give the impression of a larger-than-life pupil to give an extra frisson of fear to your costume!
Other Uses For White Contact Lenses
While white colored lenses are the ideal choice to achieve the Halloween look that you’ve set your heart on, they can be used for other purposes too. For example, if you’re a cosplayer attending a special event, you might want to choose one of our pairs of white lenses that help you to get the right look for the character of your choice.
For example, you might want to go to a convention as a character from The Walking Dead, and our white out lenses could be the ideal addition to put the final touch to your perfect costume to give you the edge over the other attendees.
Perhaps you’d just like to create a more striking look when you’re out and about. For some people, setting themselves apart from the crowd is paramount, and if you’re ready to turn heads with a show-stopping dramatic look, a pair of vibrant whilete-contactse contact lenses could be just the thing you’ve been searching for.
Another possible use for our white contact lens range is for stage or film appearances. You may be playing a character in a movie or show who is blind in one or both eyes, and a pair of white lenses could help you to create the effect you desire quickly and easily for a truly authentic result that will add something really special to your production.