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Want to head to Zombieland this Halloween? Make sure that you stand out from the horde with our super scary Zombie Contacts. Of course, the Zombie costume offers so many possibilities of bringing to life that brain munching, undead creature to thrill and scare your friends this Halloween. The Netflix series iZombie has thrown up a number of new ideas for this years costume, some can be really simple like one our favorite characters – Liv Moore. Wanna capture that blood eye look that Liv has, just one glance wll horrify your friends – then look no further. How about Blaine ‘DeBeers’ McDonough with his bright blue eyes, that then suddenly transform to black. Our range of colored contacts and Zombie lenses is one of the best in the business. Our color lenses come in a great choice of designs and colors, giving you the number one choice for your zombie eyed costume. Whether you prefer your zombies to move slowly and moan “Braaaiins!” or to be rage-filled modern day zombies, Spooky Eyes Halloween Contacts will give your zombie costume a professional, movie special effect, finish. Our lenses are very comfortable due to their high water content, so your eyes will stay hydrated. Our lenses are also FDA Approved and manufactured to ISO International Standards. Your eye health is of great importance to us, please see our detailed Care Guide and supporting video for how to enjoy your lenses safely. We also carry a great selection of Halloween Contacts and Colored Contacts to choose from.