Green Glamour 3 Tone Contact Lenses


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Add magical colour and shine with MaxVue Glamour 3 Tone contact lenses in green. These colour contacts have a jewel-bright yet beautifully natural tone that lights up your whole look.

MaxVue 3 Tone Contact Lenses use three layers to create a rich and natural look. The result is beautiful eyes with natural yet eye-catching colour. Perfect when you need a little extra sparkle.

Each 3 Tone contact lens has excellent oxygen permeability to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable all day long. They are made of ColourVue’s patented Hydrogel material, which is soft, hydrating and long-lasting.

– Sold as a pair of lenses
– Beautiful 3 Tone designs for Dark and Light eyes
– Patented Hydrogel material
– High oxygen permeability
– Exceptional full day comfort

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 cm