Spooky Eyes Contact Lens Storage Case


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This contact lens storage case is the best way to store your favourite contact lenses. It has a separate screw-top compartment for each lens and the simple design makes it easier to pick up your lenses. This lens case also screws firmly shut, perfect for travel.

We recommend using one case per pair of contact lenses and changing your case every 90 days. All our contact lens cases are sterilised to ensure complete eye hygiene.

Fill the case with contact lens solution before you place the lenses inside and be sure to change the solution regularly. This will help to prevent eye-irritation and the build up of deposits on the lens.

  • Sterilised lens case
  • Color may vary

Lens Case Sterility Information

  • Routine verification of sterility is to be performed. The lens case will be sterilised with a SAL of 10″
  • The sterilizing cycle will heat the chamber contents and hold the load between 121 and 124 Deg
  • C for a minimum of 15 minutes using a moist steam/air mixture

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 cm