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Create a shocking look with our classic blackout contacts. These all-black contact lenses cover your natural eye color completely, giving your eyes a truly scary look – perfect for creating a high-impact outfit. Cool blackout lenses are ideal for high fashion, Halloween costumes and professional-looking cosplay. Our colored contact lenses are FDA approved with a high water content so are very comfortable to wear. We also have a great choice of black contacts in lots of different designs, as well as a range of amazing Halloween contacts.

Are you looking for spooky Halloween contacts to put the perfect finishing touch to your costume? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our blackout contact lenses are the ideal solution, helping to take your outfit to a whole new level of terror.
With a pair of black contacts Halloween will be an even more scary occasion as you create an authentic look with dark, scary eyes, and with options that encompass a wide range of styles, there’s sure to be something that works well with your chosen costume.
How Do Blackout Halloween Contact Lenses Work?
Like other types of colored Halloween contacts, blackout lenses feature an opaque tint that works to mask the eye’s natural coloration. Completely covering the iris of the eye, they are the same color as the pupil and this leaves you with one big black eye which will really stand out.
Although the blackout lens creates the impression of a single iris and pupil, in fact the center of the lens is usually clear, lying over the pupil so that you can enjoy full vision while wearing your contacts. If you really want to go to town on the terrifying look, choose a pair of black sclera lenses that cover the white of the eye too – there’s nothing scarier than that!

Why Wear Blackout Contacts At Halloween?
Who doesn’t want to thrill, scare and shock this Halloween? If you want to be sure that everyone is looking your way, the best solution is to pop in some blackout contact lenses and wait for the crowd to gasp in horror at your terrifying new appearance!
Black contact lenses are a truly heart-stopping choice – in fact, you may even scare yourself each time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror! Our range of black lenses will make you the creepiest and freakiest character at the party, and will ensure your costume hits the spot.
Whether you’re going for the vampire look or want to look truly demonic, a pair of black lenses will unleash your creative side and help you enjoy the scary season to the max.
Choose The Right Blackout Lenses For You
If you’re ready to terrify the neighbors with an authentic-looking Halloween costume this October it’s time to buy some dark and mysterious black lenses.
We have options to help you create an enormous variety of looks so you can impress and terrify in equal measure. When you shop with us you’ll find that there’s more than one type of blackout lens. We have full and mini sclera lenses that cover the whole or part of the white of the eye, as well as hypnotic, ring-style and iris-covering lenses.
In short, whatever kind of costume you’ve opted for, you’ll be looking spooky, freaky and totally awesome.
Get The Demonic Look
There’s nothing more perfect as a Halloween costume than a demon outfit, and now you can add the ideal finishing touch with a pair of black Halloween contact lenses. Giving you eyes an extra dark appearance that reflects the pits of hell, you’ll get an otherworldly look with this amazing costume addition.

What Should I Know About Black Contacts?
Something you’ll need to know if you’re planning to wear a pair of blackout lenses to a Halloween party is what kind of vision range you’ll have. After all, you don’t want to seriously restrict your fun by struggling to see all night long! The good news is that most blackout lenses are easy to see through.
The lens has a central clear space right where your pupil lies, so you’ll have no difficulties in trick or treating your way around the neighborhood. The only time you’ll need to be a little cautious is if you choose a pair of lenses with a little ink overlapping your pupil area.
While these contacts look spectacular, they can obstruct your line of sight a little, so take care if you’re planning to participate in activities that require 20/20 vision.
Will Black Halloween Contact Lenses Be Suitable For All Eye Colors?
Whether you have pale blue eyes, green eyes or brown eyes, you’ll be pleased to learn that blackout lenses will work equally well whatever your eye color. Thanks to the opaque, dark color of the lens, you’ll enjoy optimal coverage whichever pair of lenses you select.

Create A Novelty Look
While black lenses are great for a demonic appearance, we have black contacts that work well for other novelty characters too. How about a pair of dark angel lenses that cover the white of the eye but not the pupil?
Or what about a pair of red-rimmed Hellraiser lenses for a terrifying Halloween look? We even have hypnotic lenses with a spiral pattern to really attract attention for all the right reasons.
Other Uses For Black Contact Lenses
Although black colored contacts are an ideal way to get the right Halloween look for you, they’re great for other purposes too. You may be a cosplayer who is going to a special event – a pair of black lenses is ideal for Supernatural conventions if you really want to get into your demon character.
Or perhaps you’re appearing in a film or on stage and need a way to create a dark-eyed, mysterious look instantly and effectively. Our blackout lenses are the ideal way to do this and will give you an authentic-looking result that’s hard to beat. It’s certainly a great way to give your production a genuine edge.
For many people, wearing a pair of blackout contact lenses is an ideal way to get a striking everyday look while you’re around and about. Standing apart from the crowd couldn’t be more important, so if you want to turn heads and get a dramatic, eye-catching look that’s edgy and cool, a pair of blackout contact lenses is the ideal solution.
You’ll certainly make the people you meet look twice when you walk around town with a pair of these lenses in your eyes!