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Our witch eye lenses will put a spell on you! Make a ‘discovery’ of Witches Eye Contacts with Spooky Eyes. Whichever chilling Witch character that you plan on playing this year, we have got the perfect scary contacts to complete your wicked Halloween costume. Our Witch contacts come in a wide range of colors and designs to complete your freaky look. Designed with a high water content, our lenses will ensure that your eyes will not only look scary but are suitably hydrated well into the witching hours. Our lenses are maunfactured to International ISO Standards and are FDA Approved. Check out our lenses and Care Guide to ensure that you enjoy a great Fright Night! We also have an unbelievable range of Halloween Contacts and Colored Contacts for you to enjoy.

Are you looking for a way to cast a spell on everyone who sees you this Halloween? Then you need a pair of Halloween contacts that will weave a web of spooky scariness wherever you go trick or treating!
The classic costume that everyone thinks of first when they bring Halloween to mind is a witch, but the only problem is standing out from the crowd. With seemingly everyone popping on a pointed hat and picking up their trusty broomstick, how are you going to make sure your costume turns heads and gets people talking?
We think we have the ideal solution – a pair of spooky witch style Halloween contacts that will put the perfect finishing touch to your scary outfit.
How Do Colored Halloween Contact Lenses Work?
We don’t really know what color a witch’s eyes should be, but that’s ok because we stock an enormous range of colored Halloween contacts that are sure to hit the spot, whatever kind of banshee you’re intending to be.
From smoldering reds and yellows to piercing blues and purples, we have something for witches of all kinds, so you can be sure that you’ll find something that’s just right for you. All of our colored lenses work in the same way – when you pop them into your eye, the opaque tint covers your eye’s natural iris (or colored area).

This makes your eyes look as if they’re a completely different color without obscuring your vision, since a gap in the center of the lens allows your pupil to remain uncovered.  With Colored Contacts Halloween Is Even Scarier
Everybody knows that the season of spookiness is all about shocking and terrifying your friends, family and neighbors, so whether you’re heading out to trick or treat, going to a family party, or hosting your very own haunted house, we know that you want to create an amazing impression.  You can take your witch costume to a whole new level of style and scariness by popping in a pair of colored lenses in a range of exciting colors that will help you achieve your goal of creeping out your entire neighborhood.
Choose The Right Witches Lenses For You
Our range of witch inspired Halloween contacts come in a broad spectrum of styles and colors. For example, you could pick our banshee purple lenses that will freak out your friends, or opt for a pair of bright green lenses that will draw everybody’s attention to your eyes.
Alternatively, our blackout lenses are sure to create a creepy impression, while our white lenses will leave everyone who sees you absolutely petrified. We even have patterned witch lenses featuring cobwebs in both white and red so you can attract attention for all the right reasons this Halloween!

What Should I Know About Colored Halloween Contacts?
Now you know that with a pair of colored contacts Halloween will be even scarier, but you may still be worried about wearing them, especially if you’ve never tried contact lenses before. The good news is that you’re sure to find them comfortable and easy to wear.
All of our lenses have a high water content, so your eyes will remain well hydrated all night long. Also, our lenses have been manufactured to ISO international standards and have been fully approved by the FDA so you can be confident you won’t be causing yourself any harm by enhancing your spookiness this Halloween.
You can also rest assured that you’ll be able to see perfectly well when you’re wearing a pair of our contact lenses. The witch inspired lenses that we sell only cover the iris of the eye and not the pupil itself, so you’ll enjoy a full range of vision after you’ve put them in, without any obscuring of your line of sight.
That means you can enjoy your party to the max without struggling to see what’s going on!

Will Colored Halloween Contact Lenses Work With Dark Eyes?
If you have pale eyes, you can be confident that our colorful Halloween contacts will work well with your natural eye color. However, if your eyes are a dark brown, you may be concerned that some of the paler colored Halloween contacts won’t work for you.
There’s no cause for concern, though. In fact, all of the lenses we sell have been created with a strong and opaque pigment so even the darkest eyes will change color after you’ve put them in. Create Your Own Unique UV Look
Our colorful lenses are great for creating a witchy feel to any Halloween costume, but why not go above and beyond and opt for our UV contact lenses? Designed to glow in the dark, these amazingly colorful lenses work brilliantly for trick or treating once the night comes around, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd at any evening party.
Other Uses For Colorful Halloween Contact Lenses
Our range of witch inspired contact lenses are an ideal way to complement your spooky witchy Halloween look, but they’re perfect for a whole range of other occasions too, from cosplaying at conventions to appearing in stage or film productions.
Our high quality lenses have been designed to create an authentic look, so you can really depict the unique flair of any character from movies, TV shows or books right down to the very last detail.
However, our lenses are so comfortable and easy to wear that a lot of people choose to wear our colorful Halloween contacts for everyday use. If you like to be able to express yourself in an unusual way, there’s no better way for you to achieve your goals than by putting in a pair of colorful contacts that transform your look on a daily basis.
Whether you opt for a pair of bright green eyes, some piercing yellow lenses, or something completely bizarre like white or blackout contacts, you’re sure to turn heads for all the right reasons when you walk down the street.