Sclera Contact Lenses

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This year we introduced our sclera range which has proved crazy popular. Our range includes Full Eye Black Sclera Contacts and Mini-Sclera Contacts in red, white or black. All of our Sclera Contact Lenses feature a transparent centre ensuring that you can see how scared your friends are when they first encounter those Spooky Eyes! These unique lenses are the ultimate in scare factor and can work with any outfit or style, we have seen bandaged headed Mummies, Hammer-Horror style Draculas and Witches that are wicked. The Sclera Lens caters for all and is sure to make you the one to be seen with this Halloween.
Get the look of your favourite horror movie characters by adding a pair of stand-out Halloween Colored Contacts to get your freak on this year. We offer an incredible range of high-quality Sclera Contacts that will enhance your freaky look; your sclera lenses are guaranteed to take your terrifying look to the next level! Our high-quality Halloween Contacts all feature a high-water content to ensure that your eyes are comfortable all night through. If you are looking for ideas for this year’s costume check out our Gallery and Inspiration pages for some awesome costume designs.
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